Where is Patrick Bateman? American Psycho

American Psycho dedicated to Bret Easton Ellis When Bret Easton Ellis (1)quoted “Nevertheless, such persons as the composer of these Notes not only exist in our society, but ideed must exist”, I thought that Jeff Koons was inevitable after the End of Art(2). Art history was not more a linear progression of one movement or […]

Dakis Joannu sailing on Guilty

Guilty… That is the question! To Linda Yablonsky1 Dakis Joannou interview 07/13/16 “Art consumes him”(3), says Linda Yablonsky. Joannou´s life changed in 1985 for only $ 2,700. The acquisition of “One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank” (Spalding Dr. J Silver Series) by Jeff Koons propelled him for good to collect. This object fills me with nostalgia. […]